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Agitator kettle TSRR - EG

Through years of experience Thissen & Stecher has become the specialist in the field of agitator kettles for the food industry. These agitator kettles are entirely made ​​of high quality stainless steel and are suitable for cooking food such as meat and potatoes, as well as soups, sauces and ready-made meals.

The TSRR - EG is an electrically heated agitator kettle with a built-in steam generator. The agitator kettle works according to the principle whereby electrical elements generate steam, in order to evenly and most effectively heat the inner kettle. Because of the large capacity in the steam jacket there is a highly efficient heat distribution of steam and the condensate is drained optimally. This is to prevent accumulation of condensate that has negative influence on the heat transfer.

Features electrically heated agitator kettle with a built-in steam generator (system MKA 110):

  • Good heat transfer
  • Fast heat up times
  • "burn on" prevention of product
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Prevention of temperature overshoot after reaching setpoint
  • Bottom and side walls heated
  • Inner kettle and mantle insulated
  • Double walled insulated lid supported by hinges, adjustable to any angle
  • Standard with water supply
  • Agitator is easily removable with a quick device change
  • Agitator 18 RPM
  • Pre programmable agitator: clockwise, counter-clockwise, variable clockwise/counter-clockwise, and switch off
  • Powerful bottom driven agitator
  • Steam pressure 1,4 bar (126,3 °C) (optional up to 10 bar (184,1 °C))
  • CE certified
  • PED guideline
  • Hygienic design according to HACCP
  • Low maintenance

Extra features electrically heated agitator kettle with a built-in steam generator (system MIC 821):

  • 99 programs with 20 program steps
  • Programmable water flow meter
  • Slow mix facility (10 RPM) with lid open
  • Speed of agitator continuously adjustable from 10 to 60 RPM

User friendly control in stainless steel panel suitable for wall mounting. There is also a data logging system possible.

Optionally, the agitator kettle can be carried out with cooling. Cooling water is sent through the double walled jacket.

Besides the standard agitator kettles Thissen & Stecher also delivers specials namely, the Agitator kettle TSRR - Special. These are customer specific ​​solutions for your production process in the fields of energy technology, energy savings, control technology and production technology.

For more info download the brochure: Agitator kettle TSRR - EG.

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