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Cooking kettle TSR - V

Through years of experience Thissen & Stecher has become the specialist in the field of cooking kettles for the food industry. These cooking kettles are entirely made ​​of high quality stainless steel and are suitable for cooking food such as meat and potatoes, as well as soups and sauces.

The TSR - V is a gas heated cooking kettle. This energy saving cooking kettle is heated by a blower gas burner (natural gas, propane or butane). The round inner kettle is equipped with a smart constructed combustion chamber, so that the combustion gases have to travel a long way before reaching the chimney. This results in optimal energy usage.

Features gas heated cooking kettle:

  • Heated by a blower gas burner, which is around 25% more efficient than heaters which use atmospheric burners.
  • Highly reliable compact blower gas burner
  • Bottom and side walls heated
  • Standard with water supply
  • Inner kettle and mantle insulated
  • Double walled insulated lid supported by hinges, adjustable to any angle
  • Bottom sloping to the drain valved
  • CE certified
  • DVGW certified
  • Hygienic design according to HACCP
  • Low maintenance

User friendly control in stainless steel panel suitable for wall mounting. There is also a data logging system possible.

Besides the standard cooking kettles Thissen & Stecher also delivers specials namely, the Cooking kettle TSR - Special and Cooking kettle TSV - Special. These are customer specific ​​solutions for your production process in the fields of energy technology, energy savings, control technology and production technology.

For more info download the brochure: Cooking kettle TSR - V.